Yahoo Set to Make Comeback by Going Public via IPO


The tech industry has witnessed a surge in IPOs this year, reflecting the robust investor appetite for innovative and high-growth companies.

Yahoo Inc, the once-dominant internet pioneer, is poised to return to public markets through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The company’s CEO, Jim Lanzone, made the announcement in an interview with the Financial Times.

This announcement marks a significant milestone for Yahoo, as it seeks to regain its position as a major player in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Despite facing challenges in recent years, Yahoo continues to maintain a prominent position among the top five internet media firms globally, especially in terms of traffic.

According to Lanzone, Yahoo is well-prepared financially, boasting a strong balance sheet that can withstand the scrutiny of public markets. Furthermore, Lanzone highlighted the advantages of operating as a private company during the restructuring phase.

He emphasized that this strategic approach allowed the company to streamline its operations, optimize efficiency, and align its business divisions with specific market segments.

Furthermore, Lanzone revealed that Yahoo plans to invest in strategic partnerships and acquisitions to bolster its capabilities and expand into new areas. Lanzone acknowledges the importance of keeping pace with technological advancements and changing consumer preferences, and he is committed to ensuring Yahoo! remains at the forefront of innovation.

The Struggles of Yahoo

Yahoo was started in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David Filo and embodies a long and rich history.  At its peak, the company was a leading search engine and portal, offering a wide range of internet services, including email, news, and advertising. However, Yahoo struggled to adapt to the rise of competitors like Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: META), eventually losing its dominance and market share.

Since then, Yahoo has undergone numerous changes, including a sale to Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ) in 2017, which resulted in the formation of a new entity called Verizon Media. Despite the rebranding efforts, the company faced ongoing challenges, struggling to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Now, under the leadership of Lanzone, who joined as CEO in 2021, Yahoo is ready to chart a new course. Lanzone, a seasoned executive with deep experience in the technology and media sectors, has ambitious plans to revive the iconic brand and position it for future success.

Yahoo to Join the IPO Hype

The tech industry has witnessed a surge in IPOs this year, reflecting the robust investor appetite for innovative and high-growth companies. For example, SoftBank Group Corp (TYO: 9984), with significant investments in technology, is making preparations for an IPO for its semiconductor subsidiary.

Another notable example is Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (HKG: 9988), which has announced plans to split off into six separate business units. Out of these units, five are considering pursuing IPOs. This strategy allows Alibaba to focus on specific areas of its business while unlocking value for shareholders through individual IPOs.

The increased IPO activity in the technology sector reflects a positive market climate and investor interest in technology-driven enterprises. These offerings provide opportunities for investors to participate in the growth potential of innovative businesses and disruptive technologies.


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