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Threads’ listing on Apple App Store. (Image: News18)

Instagram has launched a new easter egg—inviting users to experience its Twitter rival, Threads, on July 6th through a ‘secret’ invite. Here’s how it works.

With Twitter under fire for a series of alleged missteps, Instagram is looking to take advantage of the situation by launching its Twitter competitor—Threads—on Thursday, July 6th. The app is currently listed on the Apple App Store, and you can go check it out and opt-in to pre-order it.

However, Instagram has also launched a new ticket—inviting users to experience the app on July 6th through a ‘secret’ invite. This isn’t really an invite in the literal sense, but simply a cool easter egg you can experience if you have an Instagram account.

There Are a Few Methods to Do It; Here’s How It Works:

When you search for ‘threads’ or ‘saymore’ on Instagram, a ticket icon will appear in the top left corner of the search bar. Tap on it, and Instagram will generate a ticket in your name, which will include information on when and where you can get Threads.

Follow these steps. (Image: News18)

Depending on whether you are using iOS or Android, you will see different things. If you are using iOS, you will see a ‘Get Threads’ option that will take you to the app listing on the Apple App Store. If you are using Android, you will see a ‘Reminder’ button that will remind you when the app is launched, since it is not yet listed on the Google Play Store.

You can also go to your profile on Instagram, tap the hamburger menu, and look for Threads there.

The aforementioned methods are certainly cool, but there is a simpler way to sign up and pre-order the app. Simply go to the Apple App Store, search for ‘Threads, an Instagram app,’ and tap the ‘Get’ button. Therefore, you don’t need to open the Instagram app at all if you follow this method. But, the rotating ticket is certainly cool to look at, so you might like it.

Threads: Officially Launching on July 6

Instagram has confirmed that its Twitter competitor will launch on July 6. The ‘ticket’ mentioned earlier in this article—interestingly— shows a countdown to the launch date. Many people are eager to try Instagram’s take on a text-based conversation app, and see what it has to offer, as they have grown tired of Twitter’s recent antics.

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