Terraform appoints interim CEO after Do Kwon’s arrest


Chris Amani, formerly the chief operating officer (COO) and later chief financial officer (CFO), has assumed the CEO role at Terraform Labs, the developer of the Terra ecosystem, succeeding co-founder Do Kwon.


Terraform replaces Do Kwon

In the Wall Street Journal report on July 19, Amani expresses hope for Do Kwon’s exoneration from accusations. However, the company must proceed without him due to his current incarceration and legal issues. 

Terra faced challenges with de-pegging its UST stablecoin, and the community revitalized the project without resorting to algorithmic stablecoins. 

Terraform Labs will continue operations with about 40 staff members without introducing a new stablecoin to replace TerraUSD. 

This leadership change follows Do Kwon’s apprehension by Montenegrin authorities in March, where he refutes any misconduct allegations. 

In late June, Swiss authorities allegedly froze approximately $26 million in Bitcoin belonging to Kwon.

Terra woes

With several notable headlines by Do Kwon, the remaining question is where this leaves the company. 

In May 2022, the $40 billion Terraform Labs project suffered a significant setback as its flagship project, the Terra [UST] stablecoin, and its companion token, Luna [LUNA], crashed.

Despite this, the company remains operational in Singapore.

The optimism expressed by the new CEO of Terraform Labs will be closely watched by the rest of the world. He did not mention Daniel Shin or the others indicted by prosecutors in South Korea, nor Kwon, who still holds a controlling share of the company’s stocks.

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