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Last Updated: February 05, 2024, 08:00 IST

Google faces more malware threat on Android and users need to be careful

Google faces more malware pressure as Android users need to be careful of the apps they install from all sources.

Android users and malware have become an irrepressible duo for all the wrong reasons over the years. And the latest concern is linked to a few apps that are available on Google’s Play Store and are capable of stealing personal data and even recording phone calls.

Google has been talking about the need to prevent malicious apps from making its way to the Play Store but repeated incidents of new threats does raise questions about its overall work.

The latest details come via researchers at ESET, quoted in this report, talks about a new malware named VajraSpy that has been spotted in 12 malicious apps and the big worry for Google is that 6 of these apps were present for over 2 years. The company seems to have removed these 6 apps but they are available from other app stores which means people still need to be careful and avoid sideloading them to their Android phones.

6 Android Apps Found With VajraSpy On Google Play Store

– Privee Talk

– Let’s Chat

– Quick Chat

– Chit Chat

– Rafaqat

– MeetMe

Google has made a habit of acting once security researchers inform/report about these apps. However, the company is supposed to fool-proof its Play Protect mechanism so that incidents like this don’t happen in the first place. It is becoming increasingly clear that users will have to put their own effort to avoid using apps like these that can steal data, record calls, which means all your details are available to the hacker.

So, what does one do to avoid installing malicious apps? The most important point is, always install apps from genuine app stores, limit sideloading apps to publishers who are well known, and finally, keep your device updated to the latest version to secure it from possible threats.

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