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Last Updated: July 20, 2023, 18:00 IST

It is out for beta for all Windows users and here’s how it works

The useful file transfer tool allows you to share content without using the internet connection. Just need Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled on both the devices.

Google has finally taken the Nearby Share file transfer feature for PCs out of beta., which means you can get all the features of the tool and make it work without any bugs. The first beta version of the feature for PCs was made available back in March this year, and now it seems Google is pleased with the development of the tool, giving it the confidence to take it out of beta.

Nearby Share for PCs can be downloaded for any Windows system running on Windows 10 or 11. Google has developed an .exe file that can be downloaded and you can install the app to get started.

Nearby Share has been available on Android phones for a few years now, and this tool is basically the AirDrop version for Android users. You can share photos, documents, audio files and more from one phone to another wirelessly and it works effectively. Now the same feature is coming for people so that you can have the files transferred from PC to an Android phone.

The features are also the same with the PC beta version, wherein the user can decide the visibility of their PC and limit the reach to their contact, devices linked to your account or no one.

Here are the steps to use Nearby Share on PCs:

– Download the Nearby Share app and install it on your Windows PC

– Sign in with your Google ID

– Change device visibility mode to allow file transfer

– Send or receive files from Android to Windows PC wirelessly

Google mentions that you need to have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled on the Windows PC to use the feature.

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