Don’t Forget Your Apple Vision Pro Passcode, Or You May Lose All Your Data – News18


Apple Vision Pro is a first-generation product, and as such, it does have a few minor quirks. (Photo by Igor Omilaev on Unsplash)

If you are a new buyer of the Apple Vision Pro, remember your device passcode; otherwise, you will need to return your headset to Apple for a fix.

If you buy an Apple Vision Pro, be sure to remember your passcode, as forgetting it can be a big problem. This is because if you do forget, the only way to fix it is by going to an Apple Store or shipping it to Apple Customer Support. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, this has been a headache for early adopters of the mixed-reality headset.

To make things more complicated, Apple support is also getting questions about setting up the new Optic ID biometric system. It’s like Face ID or Touch ID, but instead of your face or fingerprint, it scans your eyes.

Here’s the catch: if you enter the passcode wrong too many times, it can disable the device. After waiting for a cooldown period, if you still get it wrong, your only option is to send it to Apple to reset it. This means all your data on it will be erased.

Interestingly, this passcode issue isn’t a problem with other Apple products like the Apple Watch. And since the Vision Pro is a first-generation product and Apple’s first new product line in almost a decade, these kinds of issues are expected to come up. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s own customer support is finding it challenging to deal with these problems.

Apple Vision Pro is currently only available in the United States. There are three variants of the Vision Pro available: the 256GB base model, the 512GB variant, and the top-end 1TB variant. These are priced at $3,499, $3,699, and $3,899, respectively.

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