Analyst bullish on Polkadot and Celestia, KangaMoon rallying


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One analyst is bullish on Polkadot (DOT) as the broader decentralized finance (defi) market recovers. Celestia (TIA) and KangaMoon (KANG) are also garnering attention due to their growth potential. 

Polkadot to $17?


Analysts are bullish on DOT, expecting prices to reach $17.

DOT rose from $6.87 to $7.19 in the past week, pushing its market cap to $9.18. 

At the same time, 25 technical indicators are in green.

For this, some analysts say the coin can reach $7.86 in March 2024.

Celestia to a new all-time high?

Celestia recently registered a new all-time high of $20.79. 

TIA rose from $18.32 to $20.05 in one week, lifting the market cap to $3.26 billion. 

Overall, technical indicators are in green. Experts predict TIA to reach $20.46 by March 2024.

KangaMoon: combining fun and rewards

KangaMoon has raised almost $100,000 in Stage 1 of the ongoing presale. 

The platform combines socialfi and play-to-earn elements. 

Members can participate in community activities like battles, tournaments, and betting on matches to win cryptocurrency and in-game items. 

KANG holders are rewarded with extra tokens and in-game items for completing challenges. 

In the current presale stage, KANG is trading for $0.005.

Will KangaMoon outperform Polkadot and Celestia?

KangaMoon has a market cap of $5 million. It has an advantage over other similar cryptocurrencies because it requires less new investment to double its price and returns. 

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