OpenAI board mulls bringing back Sam Altman two days after firing him as CEO – Times of India


It was turmoil in OpenAI’s office this weekend. The company saw its board firing Sam Altman as CEO, announcing CTO Mira Murati as interim chief executive, witnessing a bunch of resignations and then reconsidering bringing back Altman.
On November 17, OpenAI’s board abruptly announced that the company co-founder and CEO Sam Altman has been sacked. It was revealed that the board “concluded that he was not consistently candid in his communications with the board, hindering its ability to exercise its responsibilities.”
But now, citing sources, The Verge reports that the board is in discussions with Altman about reinstating him as OpenAI CEO.
What happened in between
There is littler known why Altman was asked to leave but his ouster did lead to chaos at the company. Soon after Altman was told to leave, fellow co-founder and former company president Greg Brockman announced that “based on today’s news, I quit.”
Soon, reports started to pour in claiming that Altman was looking to start a new venture and that many at OpenAI are willing to follow Brockman in quitting the company. Three OpenAI leaders were also said to have quit and many of those who resigned were reported to be willing to join Altman in his new venture.
Meanwhile, investors also expected mass exodus of talent at the company and it was also reported that a lot of investors threw their weight behind Altman on his new venture. The reports of iPhone with AI also cropped again.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s take
OpenAI has Microsoft’s backing and the Windows-maker is said to have invested $13 billion on the ChatGPT maker. Nadella took to X to threw his support behind the company’s new leadership.
“As you saw at Microsoft Ignite this week, we’re continuing to rapidly innovate for this era of AI, with over 100 announcements across the full tech stack – from AI systems, models, and tools in Azure, to Copilot. Most importantly, we’re committed to delivering all of this to our customers while building for the future,” he said.
“We have a long-term agreement with OpenAI with full access to everything we need to deliver on our innovation agenda and an exciting product roadmap; and remain committed to our partnership, and to Mira and the team. Together, we will continue to deliver the meaningful benefits of this technology to the world,” he added.

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