IT workers association goes to labour ministry against TCS, here’s what their complaint is – Times of India


The Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES), an IT sector employee rights organisation, has reportedly filed a complaint with the labour ministry against Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). According to a report in Economic Times, NITES in its letter to the ministry has alleged that the IT major is forcefully transferring over 2,000 employees.
NITES alleged that TCS has initiated transfers of employees to different base locations without consulting them.As per the letter the affected employees are required to relocate to the new location within 14 days or stand to have their salaries deducted. In the letter, NITES claimed that these requirements have put employees under financial and emotional stress. It has urged the ministry to investigate TCS’ transfer practices to determine if they are in violation of labour laws, and take requisite actions.
What the letter says
“We believe that TCS’s actions are unethical and in violation of labour laws. The company has not provided a valid reason for the transfers, and it has not given employees a fair opportunity to provide alternative solutions,” said the letter, as seen by ET.
The letter to the ministry further added that TCS has been sending emails to employees, informing them about their transfer to Mumbai among other locations. The email reportedly states that the transfers are necessary due to business requirements. However, no specific details are said to have been provided. Employees are required to report to the new location within two weeks, and will be reimbursed later, according to the emails sent to employees.
Most of the affected employees are in the 1-2 year experience category with a large section coming from Hyderabad base location.
TCS terms it routine activity
A senior executive, who did not wish to be quoted, reportedly said that this was a “routine” activity. “Such transfers are initiated based on present and future requirements in different locations and largely involve junior employees,” said the person. TCS has over 600,000 employees.
Many of these employees are said to have moved back to their hometowns when organisations had allowed work from home during the pandemic. And companies are reported to be having a tough time getting these employees to return to the base locations and to the offices now.

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