Google acknowledges Android 14 bug affecting Pixel users – Times of India


Google has officially confirmed the existence of a bug in the Android 14 update. The tech giant has not only acknowledged the issue but has also said that it is looking into the bug that is causing problems for Pixel owners with multiple user profiles. Recently, a company representative confirmed the existence of the bug in Google Issue Tracker and said that the team is “working hard on a fix” for it.
How is it affecting users?
The issue was initially reported by Pixel 6 owners, who started facing the problems soon after Android14 was rolled out.According to a report by Ars Technica, a Google issue tracker for the problem had grown beyond over 350 replies. The replies extended to owners of several different devices. The problems range from missing apps to constant crashes to being locked out of internal storage entirely on one of their device’s user accounts.
Currently, the issue tracker has over 420 replies. Some users also pasted log files and uploaded pictures of the phone’s screen. Multiple users also revealed that they aren’t able to take on-device screenshots of the phone reports because it has no available storage to save them. Several users also complained that the experience felt like being infected with ransomware.
The affected devices included — Pixel 6, 6a, 7, 7a, Pixel Fold, and Pixel Tablet. Android 14’s multiple profile feature allows users to access more than one profile on a single device. Users can also split up “home” and “work” profiles to keep their data separate via duplicate apps. The bug is reportedly affecting users who take advantage of this feature.
What Google has to say
The company’s representative took to the Google issue tracker to say: “Thanks for sticking with us. Our team is looking into this storage issue affecting some Pixel devices running Android 14, and we’re working hard on a fix. We’ll update this thread with more details soon.

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