You may soon have to adjust the way you disconnect calls on iPhone – Times of India


Apple is making several UI changes with the iOS 17 update. The update adds several new features too like real-time voicemail transcription, contact posters and contact sharing via AirDrop and so on. Apple is making one major UI change to the Phone app with the update that will force iPhone users to re-learn how to disconnect calls on their phone.

Apple is moving the End call button
With the iOS 17 update, the Phone app is undergoing a major change in terms of disconnecting calls. If you remember, the End Call button is placed at the center bottom third of the screen. However, Apple is moving this to the lower right corner.

End Call button isn’t the only change
While the End Call button position is changing, there’s a lot more to the story. Apple has redesigned the entire calling screen in iOS17. That said, the entire menu option will now sit at the bottom of the screen which was earlier placed at the centre. Also, the button layout has changed slightly. Speaker and Mute button positions have been swapped, The Keypad button has been moved on the left side of the End Call button and the FaceTime button is in the first row from the second row.
All this may require muscle memory retraining, but it’s more convenient
There are people who have been using iPhone for several years. A change of this sort may play with their muscle memory and result in accidental inputs until they get used to the new setup.
Despite that, the new setup looks more ergonomic and easier to approach when needed. The bottom layout is much easier to reach, especially with bigger phones – the Plus and Pro Max.
The new change is still in iOS 17 beta and hasn’t been rolled out to users as of now.

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